Kids in the Kitchen - Cartoon Smoothie

Kids in the Kitchen is my semi-regular post on including children in your kitchen activities. There are all kinds of learning opportunities for kids when they get to take part in food preparation. If you want to avoid having a picky eater - this is the way to go!

Isaac saw a cartoon on TV, where they made a smoothie. Being the budding chef that he is, he took a mental note of the recipe for the smoothie and decided that we should make it because it was “quick and healthy” according to him. I asked him what the ingredients were and I was a little dubious - it was milk, lemon and “nice bananas good for eating”.

I suggested that we put some other things in it to make it taste a little better, but no, it had to be just as the cartoon said it should be. I suggested that we taste test the cartoon version and see if we liked it, and then decide if we wanted to put other things in it. Isaac also told me that I had to put it up on my food website for people to learn from - so I’m doing as I was asked.

So we went off to the kitchen and set about making the smoothie.

Tip in about 2 cups of milk and add two bananas - (good for eating

Squeeze some lemon - squeeze HARD

Show Mummy where you think the milk should go up to on the blender- because that’s where they filled it up to on the cartoon.

Put your hands on the lid of the blender while it goes around - because that’s what your mother does.

The Result:

The Taste Test:

The Verdict:

"This actually does not taste that good!"

So - we made a couple of modifications to the recipe

We added

  • 1/2 cup of boysenberries
  • 1 Tblspn of honey
  • 1/4 cup of yoghurt

and gave it another whirl in the blender

The Result:

The Taste Test:

*\ *

The Verdict:

"This is really REALLY good!”

Things Isaac learned making the smoothie

​1. You cannot rely on cartoon recipes to give you a good smoothie experience

​2. Mummy knows how to make good smoothies

​3. Boysenberries sink when you put them in milk because they are heavy

​4. Boysenberries make milk go purple and not black like you thought they would.

​5. Lemons are really hard to squeeze with your fingers

​6. Smoothies make you feel really full

Isaac loved making the smoothie and was so proud of himself for memorising the recipe from the TV. It’s a shame that the TV recipe was not so great, but good that we could make a delicious smoothie anyway.

Grab your kids and find something to cook with them and don’t worry about the mess they leave behind knowing that you taught them something important and they got to spend some quality time with you.